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Here we talked of revolution

Here it was we lit the flame


My blackberry is my life.
I love flowers, fruits, rain, Christmas, science and Disneyland.
My favorite colors are yellow and red.
I would be sorted into Gryffindor if I were lucky enough to attend Hogwarts.
I support Liverpool && Real Madrid


Movies→ Waking Ned Devine; Death at a Funeral; Pearl Harbor; Gone with the Wind; Slumdog Millionaire; Love Actually; Pan’s Labyrinth; Moliere; The Motorcycle Diaries; Alice in Wonderland; Atonement; Pirates of the Caribbean; Harry Potter

Music→ The Clash; The Beatles; The Killers; Juanes; Buena Vista Social Club; Vampire Weekend; Damien Rice; A Fine Frenzy; Kanye West; Keane; Lady Gaga; Sia; Muse

Books→ Harry Potter; The Sun Also Rises; The Catcher in the Rye; The Great Gatsby; Midnight’s Children; The Da Vinci Code; Angels and Demons; The Other Boleyn Girl; The Island; Les Miserables; Anna Karenina; The Light In the Piazza; Atonement; The Princess Bride

Television→ How I Met Your Mother; Grey's Anatomy; Bones; Skins; Glee; Merlin; LOST; Arrested Development; The Tudors; NCIS

My Ships→
Mark&Callie; Meredith&Derek; Alex&Izzie; Cristina&Owen; Callie&Addison;Alex&Addison; Chris&Jal; Sid&Cassie;Naomi&Emily; Pandora&Thomas; Cook&Effy;Jin&Sun; Sawyer&Kate; Jack&Kate; Harry&Ginny; Ron&Hermione; Marcus&Katie; Harry&Luna;Logan&Veronica; Angela&Hodgins; Booth&Brennan; Puck&Quinn; Jesse&Rachel; Arthur&Merlin; Barney&Robin;Lily&Marshall; Chuck&Blair; Steven&Xabi; Sergio&Fernando, Daniel&Fernando, Steven&Fernando, Iker&Beckham, Cesc&Iker



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